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Look! A New Journal Page… I wasn’t Making it all up Honest!!

Well it’s a bit shocking that four posts into a blog that is primarily about Journalling there hasn’t really been a post about it, except you know, a very very brief overview. But here we go…

Recently I’ve been seized with the urge to chop, sautee, whisk, fry and flambé… along with, no doubt, some burning, scraping, charring, frazzling and flinging out – but that’s besides the point! It started really about a month ago when Brian went back to work – all of a sudden I just wanted to don an apron and be able to whip up treats at any hour of the day for him or anyone else who would be willing to take their life in their hands. And all of this is coming from the 20 year old who can’t proficiently boil an egg.


Cooking/baking has always been something I’ve meant to get around to. Unfortunately it’s just loitered down at the bottom of the to do list for a long time, kept there by other things like pass exams, pass more exams, oh yeah  pass those exams too and complete every Pokemon game that has been released for the Gameboy (which I have still yet to do!). My Dad cooked when we were kids. We were totally spoilt by being presented with a home cooked meal every night – I just assumed this was normal and that somehow, when the time came, I would magically be able to whip up all of these meals too. Well, the time came a few years ago when my parent’s separated and it was suddenly just my equally hopeless in the kitchen sister, my very busy hard working mum and me. It took us a few months or so of toast, but we got there – or rather my mum did. Sidetracked by college work I was kept from achieving my culinary potential… until now!


For some reason I’ve started with baking – I think it offers me the thrill of the crack of an egg and the gentle dusting of sieved flour without the pressure of making “real food”. So I’ve been trying to find some very easy recipes – although what is easy when you can’t boil an egg?  I like Nigella’s stuff because she uses short sentences and I only have to Google about four words per recipe! So far I’ve tried two – cereal bar things which never set, had to be eaten with a spoon and had a mysterious chalkiness to them, and the far more successful Banana Milky Bar Muffins.


Banana Milky Bar Muffins are an alteration of her Banana and Butterscotch Muffins because I couldn’t get a hold of any butterscotch! They’re easy and quick to make and a great way to use up past edible bananas that usually just lie there sobbing for a few days before inevitably getting trashed.


So… here’s where the art comes in. (Finally! I hear you say!) What I have decided to do is to create a journal page for each recipe I try and like. This way I won’t have to flip through endless recipe books to find the recipes I like and it means I can re-write the instructions in ways that make more sense to me and remind myself of things so I don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again (i.e. preheating the oven is all good Kitty, but try to remember to actually set the timer when you put them in!). I also hope that by making art about cooking it might make it more appealing to me somehow, joining together my new interest with my long time raison d’etre.


So here is my page about the muffins:

I like the image of the muffins – mostly anyway. I had originally wanted them to be a little more formed and to have some nice contrasting blues in the background, but to be honest I don’t really mind that that changed, that’s just creative development. What really bugs me here, and in so many of my pages, is the writing. As usual I spent quite a while on the image and was happy with it, then, late at night when I’m uber sleepy I decided to “just put the text in” and ruin the whole thing! I really need to work on my writing styles but to be honest I don’t really know how to go about it! It’s frustrating to be honest. I look at all these beautiful pages on Flikr and in books and these incredible and varied writing styles and I just can’t seem to make myself do it! I’m sure I’ll get there some day, but I do feel like I’m making no progress with it and I would really welcome some feedback or direction from people!


Anyway, I’m off to go and see if I can find a recipe for carrot cake – I fancy having a bash at that next. Is that easy? Do I have to use nuts? Does carrot cake have raisins in it??




Do you have any foolproof recipes you’d like to share? Any tips on how I can improve my text – writing excersises, books I could read? Or any other comments, suggestions or feedback?