A little about me

My name is Kitty and I am a 20 year Art Student somewhere in the damp and cold, but incredibly loveable Scotland.

My big interests in life:

  • Art. My art, your art, anyone’s art. It’s like oxygen or chocolate – something I can’t live without. I’m a Journal Artist at heart but I love anything – I just have to be thinking about it, talking about, making it as much as possible!
  • Walt Disney World. I’m a fanatic. Podcasts, blogs, Youtube etc. There are thousands of us out there!
  • The ants in my back garden. I get a bit upset everytime it rains in case their little home gets flooded. I assume they can deal with rain and they’ll be okay… right?? right???
  • More recently (okay very recently, as in a few weeks!) cooking and baking. Ever since my lovely boyfriend went back to work I’ve been overwhelmed with the urge to feed him. Must be a bit of 1950’s housewife in me after all! If anyone has any idiot proof (and I do mean truly idiot proof) recipes, please share them!!
  • Also I love: pokemon, really bad films, The Sims, cake, cows, my mummy, nail varnish, my little ham hams, and so many more things that change in a heart beat.


Oh, and in case you’re curious, I look like this when I’m serious:

Feeling very serious on my last ever night as a teenager

And I look like this at Christmas time (my most favouritest time of the year:)

I wear my hat from December 1st onwards right through 'til New Years!

And seeing as how drawing people is not my strong point I had best include a photo also:
A bit about the blog: what and why

Well I started blogging I suppose because I want to become a bigger part of the journalling community and because I want to meet new people in general.

I also refuse to be a part of the social networking phenomenon and so I figure that people can keep tabs on me and keep in touch with me this way.
In this blog I’ll be displaying my journal pages, pushing myself and critiquing my work – also welcoming with open arms any feedback from anyone else!
I’l lalso be blogging about my life in general and (hopefully) some of it will be interesting for other people to read to!
So thanks for taking the time to read this far (assuming you have) and I hope you enjoy my blog and please, please feel free to comment, critique or contact me…

And the way to contact me is…


I look forward to hearing from new people, I honestly don’t bite. Unless I’ve missed a meal. Or need a snack. Or have gone more than like an hour without eating… just kidding…kinda.

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