Prom… Not Mine of Course!

Well it was my “baby sister”‘s prom on Monday night. Scary stuff.

I didn’t go to my prom for a variety of reasons, chief among them were the fact I hate dresses and overly formal affairs… well, that and basically I’m relatively certain that nobody in my year actually wanted me there! I thought proms were over the top, materialistic, shallow, flashy, uneccessary and much worse than that!

For people who have not had the joy of going to a recent Secondary School Prom themselves, or watch someone close go through it here’s a Reader’s Digest explanation for you. It’s Huge. What? A little too brief? Okay, well, think America. Think limousines and one of a kind dresses, corsages and photographers, tears and well… tears. The preparation and the stress these young girls (and possibly the boys… though I doubt it) go through is enormous and watching my sister I actually began to wonder if it was worth all the stress and drama.

That was until I saw her all ready in her dress. Hair all pinned up, makeup done, shoes on and hands shaking with nerves and excitement. I felt the importance of it for the first time and I stopped making jokes about “why can’t they just have a disco in the school hall?”. I understood that it was not just one last party and a way relax and say goodbye to friends who will soon be departing for Universities and scattered over the country.  I could see now that it was a rite of passage – maybe too materialistic and showy – but still, a rite of passage into adulthood where they would dress, eat and dance like the “grown ups” society would now expect them to be. it wasn’t just goodbye to a school and to friends, but goodbye to their childhood’s and the only life they’ve known so far.

As we got her all ready to go (in a blind panic, no time to be thinking any of these deep thoughts then!) I wish I had taken just a moment (yeah, like I had any control over it) and taken a photo of her here, at home with me and with her mum. To record this moment, this important transition in her life, and in ours. But alas, the champagne reception and more importantly the boyfriend was waiting so the only photos I could take of her were at a house I’d never been to, with people I had never met.

Artistically they are sub par – I think my nerves were rattled with all the preparations! I wish I had had time to capture her mood and what she was going through, to freeze this moment in time. But no. All I could get were some stiff and rough shots that document little more than a dress and a smile – nothing of what’s behind it. My beautiful baby sister.

So here she is, in a few of my better shots. All grown up.

The attaching of the corsage

Caught off guard


Nervous but excited


My favourite shot

 So there it is, another chapter closes. 

I must admit the artist in me was ever present – as I saw them all in their dresses all I wanted to do was paint them! Maybe I can get Jens to put her’s back on sometime and sit for me…

So on a strangely ponderful and unartistic note I’ll leave it here for tonight. The next post will be about art I swear!



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