Journalling and I

I am a journal artist. I am. I am. I am.

It took me a long time to be able to say that, to refer to myself as a real artist and not finish it off with “but not really I’m only learning”. Sometimes I think I thought of artist’s as Gods too much – these mythical and infallible creatures – all the while forgetting that above all else what makes us artists, what we’re all expressing, is that we’re human.

I’ve been studying Fine Art at college for three years and was introduced to Journalling when I found a copy of Danny Gregory’s amazing “An Illustrated Life” floating around a classroom cupboard. I was hooked from that moment on – hooked before I even knew what it was I was drawn to, before I had even tried it, I knew this was it. What I had been looking for and what the college had never been able to show me, my passion in art. My “area”, my “thing”.

I have been journalling for a year and a bit, or, more specifically I have been journalling for this long:

The last year of my life

I’m proud of the progress I have made and that I have stuck with it: I am notorious for starting projects and never returning to them. But… I am not producing as much as I’d like to be, mainly because of my coursework at college. Despite being a Fine Art student I made the decision a long time ago that I would keep my Journalling as far away as possible from the college… I needed these books to be my happy place!

They are the place where I can play, experiment, escape the rules of the fine art world (that’s right folks there’s black paint and stickers in here) and just be ME. These books don’t exist to please anyone else, to tick any boxes or to “show off my skills”. They are from somewhere so much simpler than all of that.

That being said I have always been happy to share my books with anyone. Initially it did feel weird having a bunch of strangers reading what is essentially my diary but after not very long at all it became normal and I even enjoyed watching people go through them. Laughing with me, at me, whatever, it’s all good fun.

breakfast cake goes straight to your butt!

Declaring my love

So there we are, a bit more of a proper introduction made. I’m not sure about the size/quality of these images, so I may change things as posts progress. But anyway for now, I feel there’s a little more of myself in this blog, an incentive to keep going!

Gotta Jet!

(That’s from Flipper. God, d’you remember that film? How cute was Elijah Wood in it!? Not the dolphin, I am terrified of dolphins. Going to go and look at how much Flipper is on Amazon…)


‘Lil Kwalla



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